Our Philosophy

Faith Child Care offers a “hands-on” approach to learning. We embrace the view that every child has his/her own unique individual pattern and timing of social skills, emotional expression, and physical and intellectual development. Our objective is to make learning fun; to give each child a warm, loving, and caring environment that allows them to be excited about their learning progress. Faith Child Care educators encourage children to treat others with love and respect as they strive to be better and achieve more. Children will be exposed to our learning centers that teach art, math, science, reading, and dramatic play. As they play, sing, role play, develop verbal language and participate in many science and art projects, our prayer is to confidently know that as each child grows up, the experiences learned at Faith Child Care will be retained and show them to be people with positive self-esteem, healthy socialization skills and excellent academic achievements.


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Gross Motor

Active & free play in large, uncluttered areas both outdoors and indoors

Fine Motor

Small building toys, art materials & manipulatives 


Picture books that are organized and include a wide selection including, fantasy, factual, nature & science.


Opportunities to sort, count, measure, compare, recognize shapes, and experience written numbers

Science & Nature

Collections of living things, realistic representations in pictures books, magnets, magnifying glass, and prisms

Art & Sensory

Diverse types of art through drawing materials, paints, 3-dimensional materials (playdough, clay, wood), and tools (scissors, stencils, tape).

Block & Dramatic Play

Blocks of sizes, shapes are educational in many ways.

Dramatic play is encouraged through props and themes such as housekeeping, different types of work, fantasy, and leisure activities.  


Music & Movement

Musical toys and instruments are  accessible, recorded music played for musical purposes such as singing, dancing and movement